Our Point of View

Our perspective is that, in addition to making products and services easier for our clients to sell, real success is achieved by making them easier for buyers to buy. Since our founding in 1989, we’ve been using a “three-pillar” approach to help our clients translate their business mission and objectives into viable, efficient and implementable strategies, thereby helping them meet their sales and profits goals.


Many consulting companies offer predetermined solutions. However, at HD, we take the necessary time to research both our clients’ internal and external markets. Internal research comes in the form of face-to-face interviews with executives, middle management and staff to understand marketing, sales, product development, manufacturing and distribution processes, systems and communication flow. External research is conducted through our research division, Advanced Analytics which offers a variety of customized research options to meet our clients’ exact needs.


At HD, we develop strategic plans based on researched fact. By developing strategic plans that may include the development or realignment of processes, systems, distribution, staff, marketing, and communications, HD has successfully helped both large and small companies achieve growth, higher returns on investment and greater profitability. Our experience as strategic professionals enables us to help our clients to:

  • Develop distribution, new product introduction, branding and sales strategies that result in increased market share
  • Develop quantifiable ROI strategic marketing & business plans
  • Develop customer retention and growth programs
  • Improve existing processes and systems
  • Develop communication strategies to achieve increased awareness and increased sales opportunities
  • Develop best practice models
  • Develop organizational plans that lead to greater efficiency and productivity


Ensuring Success

Unlike many consultants who don’t actually do what they propose, at HD we ensure success by proactively working with our clients to implement the plans we’ve helped them develop. We serve as a central facilitating, project management source, bringing together internal and external groups of individuals, ensuring processes, systems and communications are maximized to achieve desired results.