Rather than Consultants We Call Ourselves "Resultants"



Hidalgo & DeVries is a strategic marketing and research firm whose primary focus is to increase the sales and profits of our clients at the lowest possible cost. As a results-driven company, we concentrate on developing “causes” that produce “effects” needed to reach our clients’ objectives. Therefore, rather than consultants, we call ourselves “Resultants”.

To accomplish this, we provide strategic counsel, development and implementation services, performing as trusted partners in helping our clients in the process of increasing both their top and bottom lines.

Our Point of View

At HD we’ve been using a three-pillar approach to help our clients translate their business mission and objectives into viable, efficient and implementable strategies, thereby helping them meet their sales and profits goals.

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Our Clients

Our clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 Corporations in the private, public, non-profit and governmental markets. We serve many industries, including transportation, retail, software, healthcare, automotive, food, communications, publishing, logistics, seating, manufacturing and construction.